Flag of Celestia
State Kingdom
Established 1606
Capital Enricite
Population  ?
Language/Ethnic Groups Celestian
Religion Christianity
Currency Centimo
Rodenian States-1713

The Kingdom of Celestia was a former country in Rodenia.


Celestia was founded in 1606 as a kingdom. It was a strong state and a regional power. Aftyer the War of the Great Coalition, Celestia lost its southern provinces to the Principality of Santa Maria and the Republic of Assiria. The treaty was not as harsh as it could have been, since the Coalition did not want to continue the war any further. In 1766, Vistania declared war on Celestia, sparking the Celesto-Vistanian War. However, Celestia was victorious, and Vistania surrendered in 1770. Celestia forced the Vistanian leaders to cede some of their newly acquired northern provinces, as well as pay reparations for their aggression. This caused Vistania to descend into anarchy, which led to the establishment of the Kingdom of Vistania in the remaining southern provinces. Celestia, meanwhile, continued to pick up strength, rivaling that of the Kingdom of Viola, the other main regional power.

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