Congress of viola

The congress building

The Congress of Viola is the seat of government in Viola. It is located in La Fiora, Metropolitan Brancusi.


In the 1800s, Viola became a democracy with elected governors for each Commune. The government originally met in a market hall, but in 1869 the new congress building was made.

Proposals in CongressEdit

For a bill to become law in Viola: It must first be proposed by a congressperson. After debating and revision, it is first voted on by the house of representatives. The senate then votes on the matter. If it passes in both houses, the bill then goes to the President for approval and then the King for royal assent.

Current ProposalsEdit

  • Ratification of the Viola-Noel treaty will be held at 5 April, 6:00 eastern time (for Congress), 6 April, 8:00 (for Senate)
    • The result in the House of Representstives: 99-1 for, with Rep. Luigi Amaretto (C) voting against
    • The result in the Senate Chambers: 9-7 for.
    • Presidential Approval: Signed and passed
    • Royal Assent: Signed by Her Majesty on the 7th of April

As such, the motion passes.

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