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Alessandro III of Viola (1661-1732) was the fourth Violan king, reigning from 1694-1732. He was born to King Alessandro II and his second wife, the only child to outlive the old king. He married noblewoman Francesca Sarroni in 1695. The had 10 children from 1696-1721. But it appears his wife had a disease, and slowly his kids began to die. By 1722, he had ony five suriviving children. His oldest surviving child, Princess Maria, had two children, but they would both die before 1730. She would also die in 1727. By 1730, the king had only one surviving child, the 15 year old Princess Giovanna, and there was a succession crisis, since she was underage and only males could inherit the throne. He decided to change the law on August 2, 1730, so that his daughter could inherit the throne. Sadly, Princess Giovanna died on May 10, 1732, in a riding accident. The old king died on May 27 that year, from a heart attack. There was a succession crisis, which was solved when Carlo Stennori, a descendant of Viola's first king, was made the monarch.


  • Princess Claire (1696-1713)
  • Princess Maria (1698-1727) x Marco Rosetti
    • Prince Niccolo (1722-1724)
    • Princess Mariana (1727-1730)
  • Princess Francesca (1700)
  • Princess Anna (1700-1710)
  • Prince Luigi (1712-1714)
  • Princess Isabella (1713-1730)
  • Prince Marco (1715-1729)
  • Princess Giovanna (1717-1732)
  • Prince Pietro (1719-1725)
  • Princess Catarina (1721-1724)