Composition of congress in 2011

The 2011 Violan Electionswere the latest general elections in Viola.The SDP won the elections with only 29% of the vote, and thus had to form a coalition with the Green Party and the Labor Party. The Liberal Christian Party remained as the main opposition.

Party Vote % Seats in congress Communes won
SDP 29% 29 3
Liberal Christian Party 27% 27 X
Conservative Party 13% 13 X
Liberal Party 9% 9 X
Green Party 7% 7 X
Labor Party 7% 7 X
Detsunion (German Union) 5% 5 X
Communist Party 3% 3 X


  • This election was the first one in which the Greens were elected, and where the Dietsunion and the communists were allowed to participate in
  • The Dietsunion won 5 out of 10 seats in Marnenburg Commune, but was still a few votes short of winning the commune.
  • All three major parties lost votes to the minor/new parties
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