The 1986 Noel Federal Elections were the second ever federal elections and third elections held in the Free Republic of Noel. The elections saw even higher voter turn-out than the other two elections combined at 300,000 people which was a large rise from the last two years when it was only at 150,000. The elections where again won by the Now Coalition.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
NOW Coalition logo Now Coalition 30 58% Fredrick Noel Thomas Steward
CD logo Centre Democrats of Noel 10 27% Borgo Martelli Michael Vitti

Socialist Party of Noel

Socialist Party of Noel 4 10% Paul Unistad Thomas Peko
Communist party of Noel Communist Alliance of Noel 4 5% Jack DeForni Paul Isner

What happened in the next two years? Edit

  • Trade relations with Granida Increased.
  • Tension between Viola decreased, talks continue
  • A social rights act is passed to allow a even more democratic country, allows races and reiligions not to be prosicuted or discriminated
  • Along with the social rights act a jobs act is passed to allow saftey and equal employment for all races.
  • A huge Earthquake and Tsunami hits the coast of Noel, bad reaction time makes the Now coalition drop in polls.
  • Taxes decreased on Top braket to 26%.